Food reviews

I will never believe food reviews again….. When someone says oh my god this tastes so so good! Best XXX ever! I think to myself, oh I got to try that too!

This happened when I first tried the Quest bar. I heard people rave about it so much online, and when I tried it, I was like WTF, what is this? How is this good?!!

Then it happened when I saw a vegan youtuber review a vegan yogurt, and it happens to be on sale in a local market here, and I bought it, and when I tried it I was like, OK, so this is what awesome taste to you, it doesn’t even taste like yogurt.

People have different opinions on things, and food is one of them. Some people may love avocado and durian, and others will despise those. It is just the way it is and it just goes to show how easily I am influenced by other people’s opinions.

Also, some are getting paid to say good things about products, so I got to watch out!


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