Born Rich

I was watching Born Rich program on youtube lately, and I was influenced by the concepts in their lecture.
We are all born with all the resources that we need to have abundance in our life, to do whatever we want to do. Along the line of growing up, we have been programmed or taught to believe that we are not capable of the things we want. It is detrimental, coz all your belief system is limiting the things that you think, the words that you say, and the things that you do. As a result, we firmly believe we are not worthy of the things we want.

And if we are content with where we are now, you are not going to be better. If we are not getting better, we are doomed to stay at one place, or even get worse.

I now know that, I would be the one to control my own feelings.

Sometimes I get angry from my boyfriend’s choices, then I decided that, everyone has their own preference and choices, and we are not to be influenced, or get mad from them. We should just accept. After I had this thought, I found myself less bothered by our different opinions.

IT is just a decision that we have to make for ourselves. If you decide to be angry, then you most probably will. If you decide to just take things as they are, then you are free.

So in this way, we can decide what becomes our subconscious mind. If we say one thing many times enough, your subconscious mind will accept it. Just as what we have been told by society all these years we are growing up.

And I decide that I will love myself for who I am. Give myself a pat on the shoulder. Accept and love my body as it is. And here it comes, I start to really believe in this.

I was waiting to get the result of whether I am going to be giving a talk at a conference, at first, I was not sure. Then I decided, I am going to believe and act as if I am going to get the talk. Then I did. Belief might just be the most potent source of energy to get you the things you want.

Think Big. I believe I can do anything I want.







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