The person that I am and will be.

I am independent. I have my own opinion on things. I will not follow what everyone else is doing or saying. I am firm in my own belief. I don’t ask others for approval. I do what I decide is good.

I am appreciative of things in life. Food, I eat it slowly. I taste its flavor. I don’t eat excess. I am aware of how my stomach feels the whole time. Music, book, movie, I enjoy and I can share with people why I like each piece because I have deep thoughts about them. I don’t over-do the either. Great work is to be cherished. Not devoured, not consumed.

I don’t get angry from what others do or say to me. I control what I feel. I can stand in others’ shoes and see what it is coming from. We are the same at hearts. I am compassionate of other people’s feelings.

I love to connect with people. I am not afraid to speak up first. I like to take on challenges. I like to take risk for what I want. I believe I can achieve anything I want. I am able to make this life beautiful and wonderful.



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