About Mukbang we rave

If you don’t know about Mukbang yet, you might not be a full on foodie like I am. It first starts in Korea, where people would live stream themselves eating a huge amount of food, they would chat with their followers, and the audience would give them money if they feel like doing so. The mukbang hosts would usually receive food sent by their followers.

Some Korean says that with everyone being so busy these days, they don’t have friends to eat their lunch or dinner with, so they just tune in to those live streaming and eat with their favorite mukbang hosts.

Some hosts are cute skinny girls, others are more celebrated for their personality. Some would cook their own food before eating them in front of thousands of people. Some would tell jokes, others share their life experiences.

I first learnt about Mukbang in this Munchies video. Then I also got introduced to ASMR, which is basically people eating and talking and tapping or touching objects in a very gentle way. The definition of ASMR involves the fact that those sounds will make you relaxed. And as I found more about ASMR on youtube, it seems to me that many of the hosts who are just doing it because it is hot right now, they are not really good at it. Some of them just appeared to want to be sexy or sound sexy to me. So I should say for now, I don’t find ASMR my jam. Many of them are a little weird for me. But I can see that the viewers swear by some of the hosts.

I remembered my first near-ASMR experience is from EmmymadeinJapan‘s youtube videos. I remembered being a little anxious before watching the video, then her soothing voice just make me so happy!! I would recommend this channel to any foodie, she tries sweets and treats from all over the world sent by her viewers, she talks about the smell, texture, flavor in such great way that makes you want to try them too!

I myself, was at first embarrassed about watching the Mukbang videos. Because really, you are watching someone else eat, it could be weird to someone else. But I do find myself intrigued by the way people eat. I like to watch people eat if they allow me. I especially like to watch my boyfriend eat. Then I decided I would just embrace the fact that I get pleasure from watching people eat.

One factor is that they really eat a huge amount of food. It is awesome, isn’t it! That’s like my dream! Eating such big bowl of hot noodles! And also, the way that they eat make the food look so appetizing! I think it should be called talent.

Sometimes I get worried about the host’s health. Let’s be honest, nobody eat that huge amount of food in such short time, I don’t think it is good for their health. But again, it is their choice, you do what you believe in. Who knows, maybe they are just used to eating that much,  and they might not eat the whole day just to do that video. I can only say that I have my highest respect for them. This could be a really short-lived job, it could be really high maintenance when you are eating this much and want to be healthy or at least somewhat good-looking.

I guess really my point in this post is that, I am embracing the fact that I like to watch Mukbang videos and be true to myself. Haha!

Happy Christmas Eve and Christmas! I am staying at home and cleaning up! There is going to be a hot pot dinner party tonight. I am excited!








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