About meditation

There is only your experience, and you decide what is true for yourself.

Children are always in a meditative state, we just lost the power along the way.

Meditation can be anything, cycling, running, shouting. Anything when you are being true to yourself. when you are not worried.

So is eating my bread in the morning, I could be checking instagram photos, or I can fully enjoy and appreciate my first meal of the day.

It is not about learning everything, it is unlearning what we have learned.

We all came here to play, to be happy, to make something magnificent happen.

Doing what you love, without guilt, without shame.

Love and surrender to yourself 100%, as if nothing matters.

We can experience any reality we so choose.

“I am only worthy of …” Get rid of it. Don’t abandon yourself. Don’t see yourself so low.

We are the one that govern what we feel. Don’t say it is JB who started this, you have the right to stay surfaced.


Credit to Infinite Waters(Diving deep) on Youtube.





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