Vegan meets vegan

The other day I was posting some yummy food pics to my instagram, and for the first time, someone left a comment. It was a colleague.

First off, I don’t have friends as my followers in instagram. I just chose not to, because to me, it is more like: “Oh, you don’t know me in any way, but still appreciates my photos, your thumbup must mean something.” But if it is other type of social media where I have my friends on, I always feel that I have to give a thumb up whenever they post something to just show my support. I get this feeling all the time, so I basically quit posting on those types of social media.

The colleague asked: are you a HCLF (High Carb Low Fat) Vegan? Have you tried adding mango to your nicecream?

I was so surprised! And yesterday we met at work, and we talked about our journey to veganism, how we deal with our non-vegan fiancees, how we tried to convince our family into the same lifestyle.
Then she asked the question: Have you told anyone or tried to convince other people to go vegan? I was like, no! the only people that know this are my fiancee, my parents, and 3 friends.

When I eat out at parties, I just don’t eat meat, but no one really realized that. And I don’t tell most of my friends because It is almost like I am a little embarrassed. I know there would be some confused eyes and many more questions to come. In my culture, it is normal to eat meat. And I clearly remembered the way I thought about vegetarians and vegans before myself went vegan. I thought they are strange, or picky snobs.

Truth is, Instagram don’t need another newbie vegan to spread other more vegan messages. But I do think my friends and family could use more of these knowledge. I feel that many are just not ready to make the changes, like my fiancee. I tried to give him facts and he is like, I just don’t care that much. Or I should say he just intentionally ignored those facts.

On instagram, all those vegans are so shining and fabulous and they are happy and healthy. But the place that I am in, I am almost ashamed of my choice.

Something needs to change.


3 thoughts on “Vegan meets vegan

  1. Don’t be ashamed! Remember all those animals you’ve been saving and the goodness you’re doing to your health! It’s not easy being vegan in our society, you should be proud of yourself! xxx


      • That’s amazing! Yeah my parents used to give me a hard time and tell me how “wrong” I am and how unnatural it is. Now they’re trying to eat less meat. My father even went a week without meat! Be patient and good things will happen ❤ love xx

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