OK so I suck at this, but I will keep doing it.

The thing is I am not as passionate as I want to be about my job.

Then I came up with this mentality.

When I began to run, I suck. I remembered very clearly that I hate every single minute of running. I only get the sense of accomplishment after running, but man, while I was running, that was total suffering. Period. I told my friend, I have been running for such a long time, and I haven’t seen any improvement, I still pant so hard, I still suffer.

But now, after 7 years, I say, I enjoy running. I start to get the beauty of it. The active meditation part of the story. There was even a point that I decided I would not run any long distances anymore. But I went back, I stick with it, and then I found the breakthrough. Now I think of it as a way to release my stress, and I genuinely enjoyed the process.

Then I realized that I can apply to my job too. I have to admit that I suck at it. So what? I will keep doing it just as I did with running. I just stick with it. And that’s see what happens.


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