Amy Winehouse–the documentary

Yesterday I went to watch the documentary Amy.

She is so raw, true to herself, and she doesn’t care for becoming famous. She said once:”I wouldn’t be famous, I don’t think I would be able to handle it”. Yet life plays a joke on her and she won the Grammy Awards.

She said:”Boy I can sing!”, her body guard said “Of course you can!”, “I would give it back if I could just walk down that street without a hustle.” She is just not meant to be famous, she just needs time to do her thing in music, but this world is not giving her time.

She was struggling with alcohol, bulimia and drugs at the same time. I could imagine any single one of those problems would destroy such a sensitive person. She was so delightful, so pleasant, always making jokes. But then she was consumed by the demons. Even her father took advantage of her to make TV shows when she was still recovering. She was so alone.

The concert that she was supposed to sing at, she had no intention or any desire to sing at that point, and she refused to sing. She got booed. She was like a frightened girl. She was. It was like she didn’t care any more. Even on the day when she received the Grammy Awards, she told her friend, this is no good without the drugs.

RIP. All my respects.


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