VEGAN style.

I went vegan around May 2015, and although my parents is not fully supporting this, I don’t think I will go back to eat animal product.

It is for health concerns: meat and animal product is not meant for our body, we are not meat eaters, take a look at tigers, they have jaws that bite, but we have mouth that can chew, which is meant for plant eating. Not to mention real meat eaters don’t need to cook their meat.

It is for environmental protection: animal agriculture is using up so much water, land, causing deforestation, and producing so much waste. It will use 50 gallons of water just to produce 1 gallon of milk.

It is for ending cruelty: There is no such thing as humane killing, all animals in slaughter house are killed, they are robbed of their right to live and they are bred just to be killed, they even have no ability to protect themselves against this. None of them are treated well, they are being injected with sperms, their horns torn off, their beaks cut off, their tails cut off, they are in so much pain and horror. We can’t ignore these facts even if we have the tradition of eating meat and the notion that we are higher in evolution and if we have the means to control and eat them, we should.

Don’t think vegan means salad all day every day. No, almost every single dish you can possibly crave, there is a vegan version of it. And as myself, a foodie, turned vegan, I realized that there are so many vibrant fruits and vegetables that I can eat. And once I change the mindset that I need to eat all those meat to get proteins, to maintain my  muscle mass, I don’t feel the need to eat them again. I can get all the proteins that I need from plants too.

Let’s go vegan style.


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