Am I passionate about my job?—the century old question.

Many people would want to have a job that they are passionate about. I would too. And truth is, I don’t need to quit my job to do what I love to do. Think of your current job as a way to support your dream. You are earning money to realize your dream and you can do whatever you want with your free time to achieve your goals. Just start with something small, and see what results they would lead to. And often times, we are just complaining about our job and worrying about not being able to do what we love, but at the same time, we are wasting all the time we could spend to do something we really love to do.

And if I take a close look and examine what I do with my free time, I can see that I am not really devoting my free time to my own creative power. And often times, I get consumed by the fear of the uncertainty. I am afraid that the major that I am in is hard for me to find a job, I am afraid that even I got a job, I might not be passionate about it. I am afraid I am being loose with my workout schedule, I am afraid that I am eating too much, I am afraid that I would gain weight.

All that fear is shutting down my ability to enjoy life for the now.

I start to talk myself into loving my body, and be proud of what my body can do rather than how it look like. It is my own journey. Everyone is on their own journey. I will just take it slow.

They say addiction is coming out from fear, or traumatized experience when one was a child. This made me settled for a bit in the heart. We are all different, we are the results of environment, Don’t compare myself to others.

Be centered. Look within. Breathe.


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