Friday Fives—I am going home!

1. How do I do on a plant based diet?

Recently I have been experimenting with a plant-based diet. At first due to health reasons and the incentive to improve my performance in running. I did see improvements in recovery time and my energy. And it comes together with meditation practice. I don’t feel heartburn anymore, I feel good when I run and I recover almost instantly. The other day when I had a 10 miler, I didn’t feel any sore in my legs the next day. Although I had a minor injury in my left foot for a few weeks, I have improved a lot not only in milage, but also in my performance in the run.

I have watched a documentary which addresses animal agriculture in a environmentalist view. Which gives me more reason to stay on this life style. Truth is, before when I eat a lot of meat, it is mainly the mental game. I feel that I need all that meat to maintain the muscle, but from what I experience now, I don’t really need that much protein and if cows and chickens are fed corns and millions of gallons of water to grow, I can enjoy my corn on a cob directly rather than eating the steak. It just saves energy and land and air and water. Win win situation.

2. Going back to China for vacation!

Getting excited about going home! Going together with my fiance, 3 weeks of good food ahead! Hope that doesn’t result in an extra 5 pound on me! A lot of food pics to come!

3. Favorite fruits, veggies.

Favorite fruit, banana, cheap, sweet, makes you happy. Good for smoothies. Papaya, so smooth like heaven! Mango, sweet and tropical. Oh and watermelon!

Favorite veggies, cabbage, potato.

IMG_2277   IMG_2324   

The pic on the left is my green smoothie for breakfast. On the right is Chinese braised potato and carrot. OH SO GOOD!!!!


Fresh Figs! I never had fresh figs in China, I only had dried ones. These are so juicy!

4. Good documentary.

Cowspiracy. I watched it on Youtube.

5. I got my Bike!


Used bike from local donation based bike shop. Awesome riding in the woods!


What a nice sesame seed muffin, got a crack on it!


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