Grow together and practice mindfulness with my partner

So, food pics first!

IMG_2057  IMG_2050   

Yeah I cut and bleed myself so much… the one on the ankle is from running, the shoes are so hard and if it hits a few times, it will bleed like this, it hurts! Ouch! The one on my finger is from peeling the apple, and then I decided to finish the apple first before I get to it.

IMG_2055 IMG_2047

The plants are so gorgeous, comes in different colors and nature is just so marvelous. I really want to recommend the Rich Roll podcast again, it has planted good seeds in me to grow. I have been binge listening to them for a few days now.

IMG_2044 IMG_2041

Whole wheat sourdough prune muffin. So good! popped one in my stomach every morning. Me drinking banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie after my run. Oh Soo Good! Remember not to add too much water though.

IMG_2033 IMG_2031

Living in Florida is just a blessing, I got to see these every single day.

IMG_2027 IMG_2024

morning smoothie is a 3 cup jar. yep! Take them all in!! I really want my smoothie to be greener! The stew on the right is recipe from my dad. I love it soo much, every time I go home to visit, my father makes this for me. Beef meat balls made from scratch, nappa cabbage, glass noodles, and lots lots of soup! It is my jam! Got to hydrate and put some salt in my system after long runs!!

IMG_2018 IMG_2017

Let me just say this: NEVER going to buy almond milk again. So much cheaper and tastes so much better! without any weird ingredients. Made 4 jars of this during the weekend, drink 1 a day, then the last jar went bad, such a waste, next time I am going to do smaller batches. And I am thinking of freezing them in ice cubes, that would be real nice in smoothies too! The pic on the left is matcha almond milk latte. DIY everything please! Yeah let me just say this again, the almond milk is soo sooo good! I had to say OMG after a sip!

IMG_2004 IMG_1959

Donuts from Krispy Kreme, not impressed with this one, their yeast dough doesn’t have yeast taste to it, bland. Avocado pesto! Finally gave it a try, the basil leaves are not as strong as I expect, but JB likes the flavor, not seeing myself make it again for a while.

IMG_1927 IMG_1923

Weekend run around lake Ella, lately running has been good, last week a 15 miler, this week a half marathon. Feeling good.

Now some thoughts recently.

I feel like I have learned a lot recently. I have started meditation everyday, not a thing that I had expected would stay a habbit, but now I do see this one coming. I have also learned more about plant  based diet, which some people would call vegan. At first after I know what vegan means I had the impression that they would live on salad, and must be some snob. But as I learned more, I started to understand the reason behind why many people are doing that. I am just starting my journey, keep it simple, take it slow, more veggies, less meat, diary, egg. I do feel better, more clear minded. Since I am also meditating, so not sure which one is contributing, but altogether, I am satisfied with the place I am right now. One thing to keep my fingers crossed though, my period, I hope it will be regular during this transition.

My boyfriend likes to play games and read novels on phone. I am really pissed at this recently. Since I left early in the morning before he wakes up and after I come home, all we do is cook, eat, and because I went to bed earlier than him, I am already preparing to go to bed. So basically everyday only time we spend together is around dinner, and the job are kind of seperate like I cook, he washes dishes.  I suggested that we cook together and we clean together. Agreed. Also I find me upset when he eagerly turns on his phone to check emails or to read novels, or whenever he got a chance he would play games. I talked with him. I think if we surround ourselves with all these, we will eventually forget what is really important for us. For me eating, running, those are what I care. Then I asked him to think about what he really cares. Not what he should care, like work and stuff. NO, just what he really cares in life. I have the same issues too, at some point, I was hooked on social media and checking other peoples photos, food pics, workout routines, and their life. But that’s not life, that could be a entertainment. But that shouldn’t take the majority of our time when we are actually free. But we are just constantly trying to occupy ourselves with things. Everybody is on earphone when walking, so many are looking at phone at the traffic lights even while driving. This is unsettling. I think we really should slow down. Why hurry. Put some gaps in everyday life, and breathe. Take some time everyday to block any electronics for a while, even 5 min, and talk and share thoughts with people you love. Walk with them. It would be so much better. I think we don’t need vacation to escape, we just need a few minutes to breathe, that will change the game. Just relax.

JB just asked me whether I would like to walk in the woods tomorrow morning. I definitely would. With my legs still hurting from yesterday’s long run, I would still happily do that. We all could use some mindfulness in our life.



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