long dued May summary & Meditation update

My grandma used to tell me that Progress is always in a spiral shape. What she meant by that is that you can never expect your growth or progress to be straight upward. It doesn’t happen that way.

Since the incidents that I trained too hard and not enough rest and not enough fuel which lead to a delayed menstrual cycle, I have been treating myself good. I listen to my body. If I am tired, then skip the run. What’s the rush anyway, it is not like I am going for an Olympian championship. I want to make sure I can still run when I am 80 years old. Once I have changed the mindset, everything falls into place. I do enjoy the workout. I remembered telling a friend of mine, I never enjoyed running. That was still true maybe the beginning of this year. I suffered during runs. I thought I have spent enough time running, but still couldn’t enjoy the process, coz really, the whole time, it hurts. My lung, my leg. Now I start to experience the joy of running.


Lately I have been having smoothies for my breakfast. It usually consists of: frozen banana, cashews, raw cacao nibs, chia seed, flax seed, old fashioned oats, bunch of greens, some kind of fresh fruit. It will end up in this lovely jar that JB bought for me. I like my smoothies to be real thick. And I just learned that I can get that by adding oats. The color are not exactly appetizing, but they are my jam! I love me my morning smoothie!
Watermelon has arrived! JB is the one who takes the time to cut them into smaller pieces, I would scoop them out directly. Best summer memory of sharing a half watermelon using one spoon, I always can eat faster.

IMG_1831 IMG_1898

Had an awesome run on a horse trail, so many uphills. We both agreed that it seemed that there is no downhill on our way into the woods or back. Running in the woods are so much fun, you have all the trees for you. Especially on hot summer day, with all the shades going on, it is not hot and there is even breeze.

IMG_2003 IMG_2005

On national donut day, we got our free donut at Krispy Kreme. Thumbs down and Shame on Dunkin Donut, where you have to purchase a drink to get a free donut. Boo! My first time to have KK, the yeast donut is not as good as the family owned donut shop in town. It doesn’t have any yeasty taste to it, very bland. It is very fluffy though, but still doesn’t make up for the lack of flavor. I could see why, It is mass produced by machines, you can get them rise high and spongy like this in a very short time, but nothing would compare the flavor of long yeast fermented dough. Thumbs up for providing the freebies though! After my 15 mile run, I could use some of these!!! Please!

Stacked up on all sorts of fruits!

IMG_2007 IMG_2008

Papaya that I got from Indian store, Look at the seeds! they have sprouts coming out of them!! First time that I ever see this! After I scooped the seeds out, I couldn’t help but exclaiming: this is truly gift sent from heaven!! What compares to papaya in season! Nothing!

IMG_1976 IMG_1977

JB surprised me on June 1st, which is children’s day in China by taking me to a fancy restaurant. He ordered “Trust me” chef’s pick, Just take a moment to admire the presentation of the sushi, OH so good! Best raw fish that I have on sushi, so tender, they melts in your mouth.

IMG_1984  IMG_1994

Got a GRAZE box, first was edemame with almond butter kale chips, such exotic combinations and sooo good! Next was banana short cake, it is soooooo GOOD! I meant on the mouth, but I had a nap after eating these and it made my throat burn. But still thumbs up for the flavor!! I am never gonna order another box. I don’t think they are worth the money, I would rather spend on wholesome food than on prepacked processed snacks. Just for try, just for try.


Awesome woods just backyard. Makes you feel so serene.

I just started meditation 2 weeks ago, at the beginning I told myself this probably not gonna stay as a habit, coz I really don’t see a person short-tempered and rush as I am do this as a ritual. I am surprised by the results. I am more clear-minded during the day. That’s for sure. Now I don’t want to ditch it. We shall see what this will lead me to. I recommend thehonestguys on youtube. They make awesome guided meditation videos. The first time I do their guided meditation about finding life’s purpose, I was so moved, I feel so emotional.

I did just about 10min a day, I feel that it is the time for myself. I could relax in that time, I watch my thoughts come and go and sometimes I drift away, it felt like I fell asleep. Later I learned that it is a sign of deep meditation.

What I have been doing also for a few weeks now is that I walk to school, 1 mile, takes 20-30min, I listed to richroll podcast, I hate to use the word:”it changed my life”, but I want to say it really helped with me living more mindful. And I am so inspired by the contents. Also, inspired by Rich Roll, I want to start exploring plant based diet. I want to take it slow, see how my body reacts.


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