Dream big, start from small.

The heart knows what I am truly passionate about. I want to do things related to fitness. I am not sure what yet. But I know this is my passion. I will find out. In the meantime, I will just do my thing, improve myself, and see what signs life is giving me. I have started meditation in the morning. 30 days challenge as I wrote on my diary. This is not as serious as exercising in my mind. Doing exercise is already set in my life. It will always be there. But this meditation thing, it doesn’t seem as important in the back of my head. Still I would love to spend 10 lovely minutes as the first thing in the morning, I believe this will do me good. We shall see.


Let’s just take a moment and admire the size of the watermelon! So refreshing after cooling in the fridge.


Miss Period has visited eventually so I am gonna treat her well. This eight goodies porridge is so good, warming, filling, nutritious.


This is my dose of breakfast. got to have greens, eggs and some carbs!


Sky looks like heaven, I hope my dear friend is there too.


Blueberry season! Finally I can afford them!


JB is the best, although not a few minutes passed after this pic was taken, I was irritated by him. Now I start to realize how we complement each other. I was so short-tempered, it is not good I know, but JB is always gentle and patient with me. At points when I thought he could almost get furious, he surprised me with his jokes.


I just learned the notion, I can never recover from binge eating. I can only be called “recovering”. Really, there is no static state, you are either working towards better control, or you might slip back to the binge state. It is always a balance of forces. I have stopped exercise for a week and I start to feel that the Blerch inside me is coming in full force. Had one plate more than I should. Well well well, buffet is always good practice.


I was craving the banana bread that I made, so had them in the perfect Saturday morning. In the wee hours. It turns out the muffin is better. Convinced myself that for the run later, I shouldn’t eat more than this.

As long as I am doing something that puts me nearer to my goals. I am all down. Life is short, do things that I love.


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