5.3.15-5.9.15 weekend wrap up—–PMS talk again

IMG_1670 IMG_1675

Don’t you adore a bunch of people who would respond and put together such great potluck just after a facebook post? I am in! I am down! Sesame peanut noodles, Dal with rice, beet green salad, baked beans and more! One more incident that I realize that Indian food doesn’t agree with my stomach even though I really don’t want to agree with that!!!

IMG_1677 IMG_1680

Boyfriend made me this noodle, I love me some noodles! For every dish you eat, you get the food taste and the hand taste, hand taste just means the love and preparation that the person put into making the dish. Everytime JB cooks, I love love love it! Especially noodles! My kind of comfort food.

Tried this banana bread with coconut oil, I had to say, nothing beats butter. Everything Butta, please.

IMG_1685 IMG_1686

Florida flowers. On my walk to school. Scientific research says that walking instead of driving to work promotes sense of well being. Well it works for me at least! I would listen to Endurance Planet and other bunch of podcast as I walk, some are so hilarious. And I like to learn more about my running.


Going to dump so many slides. This week I went through so many. I did RNA FISH non stop.3 times of 6 slides all the way. And the best part is I have to check them under fluorescent scope in the dark room–which we call the dungeon. At first you are cool with yourself listening to music and everything in that little dark room, but then it gets ugly. You don’t even enjoy the music anymore. Oh, There is a limit of slides that I can do in a week, last time I tried, I did 20 slides in one sitting, lead to a mental breakdown—which means crying out with no obvious other reasons. This time with 18 slides at hand, it happened again. Especially when your friends are all on vacation and you the one that has to work on a TGIF!! And it is combined with PMS! Do I have to say more?

IMG_1691 IMG_1692

Had this snicker bite size that has been lying in my drawer for ages. I really don’t have much incentive to eat it if I am not in PMS mode. But sweets are not that sweet during PMS. As is the same with the ice cream. 3 flavors in one bowl, how about that!

Well, I am a gal that counts days for my period. Yesterday it is already 30 days and I might get a little anxious. Looking back at this week, I was REALLY TIRED. I did manage to convince myself onto the treadmill for 10 miles during the week but that’s it. Body says I can’t handle more. One thing might be that I have been working during the weekends standing on my feet the whole 10 hours, and with that holy-gracious-yummy-iced-coffee, I didn’t really get much sleep. I realize that I start waking up earlier after I started using coffee. So I did cut back on that this week and tried a few tricks of better sleep. No electronics allowed in the bedroom and dim light and such. Only coffee that I had is a free Starbucks iced latte. It was good.

One thing I should probably avoid is ice cold water. I have been drinking more water lately and mostly from the drinking fountain in the building and it is COLD.

PMS definitely getting its groove on. During training weeks, I didn’t even care to have one more spoonful of ice cream, coz the ones that I have in my freezer are too sweet. But not on a PMS! I really do feel that I want to eat them, so there you have it. I tell myself not to stress and fuss about this whole PMS thing, but I mean snickers, granola, ice cream, that’s a lot.

Anyhow, May starts a little rough for me. Let’s make it better.


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