April Recap–2015 is getting more and more awesome.

IMG_1533 IMG_1534

Ghirardelli 86% is no joke, I think I prefer anything less than 80%, not gonna try going over that in a while. I like dark choco as snacks in the morning. The one on the right is an Indian dessert, well you know about Indian dessert, they are usually very very sweet. This one is too, brought by an Indian friend back from a family reunion. It is made of coconut flour, cardamom, and sugar! I like this one though, the color is so appetizing and the cardamom scent is just so addictive! This does have a lot of oil in it too, as is evident after I wrapped it in a paper towel.


Waiting to be picked up for a big feast in Chinese Buffet! Oh I so deserve this! The easy 5 mile is somehow difficult for me coz it is an easy recovery run, I shouldn’t get my speed too fast, and without any intervals or higher speed to challenge myself, 55min seems quite a long time.

IMG_1542 IMG_1543 IMG_1544

I so like the Spring Wrap! Not really the staff we would put in a Spring Wrap, but still Oh So Good! Give me that full mouthful of delicioiusness! OMG! My grandma would usually have one dish wrapped in, but all my other family members would have all different dishes served to be wrapped up in one. My father is so keen on making wraps for others, and especially me. I am so keen on making huge wraps, the filling is almost falling out as I bite into it. This is the dish that I miss the most after I came to the states. We sometimes would eat out for the Spring Wrap, but most of the time, we make it at home. Home cooking is the best! And I have already mastered the art of making the bread from my father and aunt, both frying and steaming fashion.

Miso soup is must have in buffets, I don’t dig other soups that Chinese buffets serve that much.

Oh that Donut right there! Heaven Heaven! OMG that oily cinnamon sugar heaven! Everytime Everytime, so looking forward to it!

I have a much more controlled buffet discipline that I can use for my craving days. At least for now. I know that I am eating to fuel my runs. I am eating to feel good and replenish my body. With that mind setting, I am able to enjoy my YOLO life. Moderation not deprivation.

IMG_1545 IMG_1548 IMG_1555

Today morning didn’t feel like having the usual power green salad, so made some oatmeal porridge with banana, choco chips and pistachio together with a protein overdose full of super foods.

The lily sitting in the lunch area is making the day so live and bright.

So I ended up doing 105 miles in April, not bad! Big shout out to myself! I can feel that I am getting faster and stronger day by day. I am so glad that I decided on this marathon training. So far so good.

Plug in for my favorite comics, the oatmeal, it cracks me up so hard and it made me fall in love with running a little bit more. No not a little bit more, A Huge Leap forward More!

Apirl has been such great month, with the marathon training and learning about marathon training, I am truly glad and happy.


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