Just when you feel weak. A little angel comes to rescue and company your run


Beet juju, i am thinking of other ways to cook beet. I am a little over the raw juice thing now. Maybe because I added too much ginger. Just had a weird feeling in my stomach after this jar.


Sunday special for boyfriend. Sourdough left over come into use for those fluffy pancakes. and Strawberry overload!

IMG_1510 IMG_1511

This is called dough drop soup with tomato and egg drop. You see that it is kind of like egg drop soup except that it also has small pieces of dough in it! How awesome is that! I asked grandma to cook it for me all the time when I was young. Just so hearty and warm and comfort.


Went to a friend’s house as I was walking in the apartment complex. Got this crazy rich organic soy milk. She spent an hour to make this, after soaking soy bean for 5h, she strained them, boiled them, and the left over crumbs goes to another stir fry dish. Oh so good!! I need to do this too. I figured that low intensity cardio is better for fat burning, well I am never a fan of walking, I can run for hours but not so much walk. My mom is the same thing. She is not a good walker either. But I guess after I know the benefits, I would be doing more walking maybe also hiking.


This is what happens when I am too tired to cook after my run for dinner. Simple, quick, easy, Delish! You have to add sugar to it to make it extra yummy!!


Breakfast overload. I always have time to make my breakfast. I never skip a meal. The salad and yogurt bowl above literally takes around 5 min to put together. I never compensate for quality of my meals. Lots of veggies, enough protein, I need them to fuel my run.


This is me after a 7 mi run. 1 mi warm up and cool down, 5 miles of fartlek in between. I was proud of myself. Was not sure about my energy level and whether I can kill this workout until i get onto the treadmill. Surprise Surprise! Nailed it, with a faster speed of 5.9 most of the fartlek, I am happy with the time. 1h 13min 20s. Didn’t even push it at the cool down stage, still made my PR. Marathon training is beyond half, I am feeling good.

A good playlist sure does its job. Songs like “Till I collapse” totally gets you into the zone, I believe one of the reasons that I keep breaking records lately is highly related to the new songs I added, they matched my pace. For many of them I could stride on the beat throughout the song. Bonus!


Now for dinner, this stew I made using high pressure cooker. There sure is beef in it, I just didn’t have much in my bowl, I love those tender carrots!! Mildly sweet, and I drank all the soup from the stew. Heaven!!

These days I woke up very early, usually go to bed 10PM and woke up 4AM, I would eat breakfast, cook something up to bring for lunch, and then hop on to 7AM school bus. Early morning is glorious. I feel productive. Maybe sometime in the future I will switch my run in mornings.


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