25 years living on the planet. I am feeling good about myself.

IMG_1390 IMG_1391

25 years old officially.


emotional marriage proposal. Not to me though.

IMG_1429 IMG_1432 IMG_1433

Cold Stone icecream cake. Dark Chocolate. Scrumptious.

IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1465

Have moved my Saturday 11 miler to Friday, because of the unforseeable nature of Florida weather. I’d rather run while I can rather than risking being caught in a rain and ruining my long run. Starbucks double shot skinny mocha, not a fan.

Currently reading this awesome book. Knowledge is power. Carboloaded on Thursday with porridge and cake, Learned my lesson to refuel with high GI juice immediately after my 11-mile long run. 5.4mi/h for the most part, last 3.5 mi using 5.5mi/h. And feeling good on Saturday 5 mile recovery run.

IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471

Refuel after lunch, super hungry after looking at the microscope for 2.5h. Ate the bagel like a tiger, and feeling no shame about it. Look at the blackberries in our yard! Another round of refuel with yogurt, protein powder, chia seed, hemp seed, cacao nibs and PB.

IMG_1473 Ā IMG_1483 IMG_1493

After Saturday 5 mile recovery run. Might have overdone it a little bit. Tiny bit of rain at the beginning.

IMG_1495 IMG_1499\

Chinese salad, broiled salmon steak. Oh Soooo Good!!

PS: JB is such sweetheart. wants me to wear dress for my birthday celebration.


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