OK all my iphone pics are food food food!


Tiny octopus in the front, spot that? Was at a Chinese buffet supporting my friend who is working as a waitress there. Took the beet and I like the crab meat, and of course the donut! I mean, I could say that I run to eat more, but really recently it has been I eat to fuel my run.


Chocolate oreo after nap at friends’ house. Everyone prefers the cookie than the filling, what’s wrong with the filling?!


Hot oil smothered noodles. Ha! JB is genius at making noodles, first attempt, scored!!


Was trying to make some matcha spread, found out that my cream has gone bad, so instead I made matche latte, very strong. Very yummy.


Bought salmon steak for the first time, awesome! I love me that crispy skin!


Spotted this cookie chip at Target, sounds like heaven to me!


BJ’s brewhouse to celebrate my birthday. Love the environment, we didn’t finish the fries, and I find the shrimp scampi too greasy for me. It’s weird why you still like the restaurant when you didn’t even finish their food.


Avocado smoothie for breakfast. Awesome! Got to buy more avocado from the Indian store. Heaven.


5 bucks for 5 bars, what a deal!! Yes please Target.


Feeling a little rough on Monday, not sure what. proctored an exam and feeling exhausted. When clock ticks to 4:30PM and I finished my experiments, i am feeling real hungry, so I finally decided to drink the Frappe that has been lying around for 2,3 weeks. I have chilled them in fridge. It was nice and cold. I don’t think I taste any coffee though. Ha. But: foodnote: not a good choice for before run fuel. I was burping frappe during my run. No Thanks.


Eggplant silken tofy stew with soy bean paste. It was awesome.


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