Pile on the miles girl–Week 12 Ramp up to 30 miles


Tasting sauerkraut that we make in Microbiology lab! I like them. Kids tend to be intimidated by the fact that they are made in the lab.



So I learned that Beet juice are great for your circulation, immune system and basically awesome for runners. And it is best eaten raw. So I made some beet juice, I intended to drink the whole thing, but the fiber in there is just making it impossible. So I strained the fibers and then enjoyed a perfect cup of blood. Oh I also added ginger to give it a kick and knock out that dirt flavor.

IMG_1284 IMG_1285

Was little unsure about Monday run, coz I was doing pole dance and a 5k during the weekend, I am super sore. I know that it is not that I am finding excuses, but still I convinced myself that I really want to stick to the marathon training as much as I can. SO I went out and scored big! In super condition once I started running.

This Mizuno red kick is my favorite right now. I bought them because they are super cute, but it turned out to also be an awesome running shoe for cushioning. Accidentally High end huh~ They are not soft as Ascis gels, but still offers excellent cushioning, how does that even happen. I love these shoes. I will try not to walk in them, they have milages.

IMG_1288 IMG_1291

Fuel with papaya after run. The chocolate is 70% Godiva that I decide I can eat a square every day. Because we can!

IMG_1294 IMG_1297

Tuesday 7 mile run is a killer, 1 mi warm up, 5 mi fartlek with 3min higher speed and 2min slower speed, 1 mi cool down. I finished 1h 15min. Simple awesomeness. After the warm up I changed to my favorite treadmill that I always break my PR on. Around mi3-5 is tired, then the last 2 miles for fartlek I am back in the game! Wednesday 4 mile run. I hate rainy weather. Hate Hate Hate!

Whipped up the protein yogurt, with greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seed, Peanut butter.Oh I can’t get enough of that Peanut butter goodness.

I might have to switch the 10 mi long run to Friday, because of the whimsy weather!!! Ugh!


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