perioded PR–NTN 5k recap

Went to a pole dance party on Saturday, super fun, super hurt, bruises all over the place, tried the climb for the first time, could manage 2 climbs, Thigh and top of feet still hurts.


Went for the Nautilus to Nucleus 5k on Sunday morning. Woke up at 5, baked some carrot cake muffins, send them to friends and walked to site. It was tiny bit rainy. I started off too fast, and there are quite a few uphill runs which made me suffer the whole course. Not much experience in races and haven’t studies the route. Came up as 4th in girls, I know that coz the lady before me comes out as third place. Maybe next year I can start shooting for the medals. Got my personal PR, 28:50 on a period. Couldn’t ask for more. I was shooting for anything less than 30min.

Super fun, coz I was really pushing it!


Had fried noodles for lunch. Oh so good. Noodles are my best buddies.


Made chinese steam buns, also water fried buns, with pork, shiitake mushrooms, Napa cabbage. Not as good as I want them, but JB ate 4 of them for dinner, and that says something.



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