April period talk

There are many food that we Chinese believe that are good for women’s period. For me, I used to have period problems, so I have tried making ginger puree date tea with brown sugar in it. Around the time of my period, if I am experiencing PMS and really want to put an end to it, I would make puree of ginger roots, boil them, and store them in fridge. Everyday I pour out some, add water to it, add brown sugar, and boom, period here it goes. I don’t have those problems anymore, so I don’t need to go through all the fuss of making the puree. But things like ginger, and Chinese date are hot in nature, so it is good for women during period.

To my knowledge, food that are dark in color like black are rich in Iron and are good for replenishing the body during period. Things that I have tried include jew’s ear(picture underneath, left is fresh ones, right is dried ones. They are a kind of black fungi living on surface of trees. It is jelly like and with a cruch to it. This is a specialty in the northeast part of China where I come from, I brought a lot of this dried jew’s ear when I came back from my visit. I would make simple spicy vinegar jew’s ear and my friends love it, it is a Chinese thing though, you wouldn’t understand, I am just kidding, coz when I brought this to a party, non of my foreign friends take this, they just don’t know what it is. I was told since I was a little kid by my grandma that they are good staff coz they can help cleanse my gastrointestinal tract. And later I know that in fold recipes, they are good for period. ), celery (This one definitely worked for me the time I tried it! I think it is due to its Vitamin C content, I was googling how to promote my menstrual health and this one comes up surprisingly). Red beans(Chinese medicine believes that what color you eat helps you with the corresponding part of your body, so naturally red staff is good for kidney and blood. I just whipped up a batch of red bean paste last weekend, it takes time, but I got to eat it!!).

Image result for jews ear

This one I haven’t tried it personally to promote my menstrual health, but they are delish! they are rice wine egg drop soup. Do you see the rice in the bowl, because they are rice wine, they come with rice in them! You can also add Glutinous balls(TangYuan) and Goji berries to it.

Also the eight goodies porridge. Yep they sure are goodies. All dark black or red in color.

Well, I behaved myself this time, didn’t munch on crackers, and first 2 days of period, we ate the seaweed eggdrop soup for dinner. Oh soups please! Then yesterday, I had some red wine, directly from the fridge with a few frozen berries in them. Oh boy, bad idea. My belly starts to hurt after a while. I sure shouldn’t eat that cold staff.

Since we had the quickly whipped together soup for dinner, we don’t have anything to bring to work the next day. I usually would cook something in the morning, but JB wants to go to Fresh Food on campus, saying “we haven’t been there for the whole semester”, how can I turn down such invitations? Although I have made up my mind not to go there anymore, because the things that i eat I could easily put together myself and saves money. Well it turned out to be a big disappointment.


This is what I have, plus another bowl of salad. The collard greens are sooo salty, I couldn’t finish it, I love corn bread, but half of it soaked up all the salty soup underneath, I got to enjoy the top half and another brand new one. same unpleasant salty with the chicken noodle soup on the bottom left. Clam chowder is nice though. Have me some Silk chocolate soy milk. Salad with bunch of spinach, lettuce, beans, Oh man, not a large salad selection either, they used to have beets! And I was so looking forward to having a make-yourself-waffle there! But they weren’t there. JB enjoyed his fried chicken, fritatta, but thought there weren’t many good staff either. He had an ice cream just to make me envious. I couldn’t eat them during period!

IMG_1192 IMG_1193

SO we went to Sam’s club for grocery shopping, we bought beef, JB wants to have spiced beef(Lu Niu rou), so I made it, A big chunck of beef shrinked to this size after simmering in pressure cooker for 1h. We will slice them up before serving. It will be even better if it is beef tendon or beef shank. It has so many spices in it, basically every spice in the pantry, then 2 tbsp dark soy sauce, 2tbsp soy sauce, some sugar, rice wine, boil. Boom!

After the beef is done, I am left with so much liquid spice, we decide to make some spiced egg. Boil the egg for 10 min until done, peel, boil in the spice liquid for 30min, let sit in the liquid overnight, and enjoy.

IMG_1180 IMG_1179

I am already making a long list of things to eat when I went back home for vacation. These two above, I just added to the list. Tortilla flat(Jian Bing Guo Zi) and flower biscuit, made with fresh flowers like rose!!!

We have a department 5k tomorrow, I am going to run it and own it and have my perioded PR.


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