bug busted

Yesterday morning while I was writing the blog, my PC starts to give some really weird buzz, and I found out where that come from, a cockroach got stuck in the fan area. Ooops. And now I finally realize what digust me most. Well, my life is a little more complete. One more thing off the bucket list.

Worked whole morning, went to a defense of a PhD, had some wedding cake like chocolate graduation cake, some really bubbly champagne, talked to my PI and topped everything off with more experiments.

Everytime when I got my period, i am so eager to being able to run again, now I have Starbucks iced skinny mocha, or iced nonfat latte in mind, which will be my treat before my long run. I may have drank Starbucks coffee 5 or 6 times in my life, I treated my college friend to a cup of coffee and a cake when I was back in China, it was SUPER EXPENSIVE. Then I decided I would not spend any more money on those crazy expensive staff. It is just coffee, so what! I can make them myself, I am not really a coffee drinker, I am good even with some instant coffee. But I do realize what social environment would shape your preference in food, Starbucks to me is so fancy. Since everybody is talking about their Starbucks, I want to have my own share too now. That’s what I am going to have after or preferably before my long run next week.

I know runner that would have a mantra like “coffee and donuts” to keep repeating to themselves for motivation on long runs, I personally don’t do that. I always feel like I have to really come to the end to really start thinking about that, could only put my mind in a hardcore mode while running. Well I guess I can still try to entertain myself with food thoughts though.

Boyfriend is sweet, I love him. He is always so bubbly. He is my gem, I am his peanut butter, haha poor joke, he doesn’t even like peanut butter. He does ask about my training, one time he complains I didn’t even tell him when I did a 10 miler, and when I asked him to guess my new record, he kept guessing until he gets to the correct second.

My day starts so early, today i woke up at 4. Not a problem with me.

Question of the day:

What is the thing that disgust you most?


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