April Period talk

Yesterday was supposed to be an easy 4 miler, and when I checked again in my Nike coach, it says Thursday is rest day!! I seriously said OMG when I saw this, it always was cross training day, then I realized that it is because Friday is going to be a 10 miler. Any way, I didn’t run because I got my period, which means a week long rest for me. I used to have period problems, but it is getting better and better. Before, I think it is because of a too restricted diet and too intense workout which leads to my problems—no cycle for 2-3 months. Now I have a much balanced diet, I don’t dread any food, they are all good to me as long as I eat in moderation.

I remembered back in 2013 when I was trying to lose weight, I was restricting myself so much. And I clearly remembered how I was craving all kinds of food. Pizzas, oily buffets. I had binge problems back then, so even if I was losing weight on a steady rate, I wasn’t happy. I would binge on Nilla wafers with PB, Bagels, chocolates. It was not a good experience.
Then around September 2014, I started to go easy on myself, cause I start to realize that I need to replenish my body after my training. I was going for a half marathon then, so even if I was trying to eat the hell out of me, I didn’t gain that much, and I was telling myself, yep I am gaining muscle. But no, I was not.

Now in 2015, I am past that “go easy on yourself” period and started to eat intuitively. Then I realized I didn’t crave that much. If I keep feeding myself that staff I want to eat and in moderation, I didn’t crave at all. I no longer categorize food into “good” and “bad”. And I learned to stop when I don’t enjoy the food. Sometimes, I used to start eating a snack and realize I don’t like it at all. But I just finished them anyway. Thanks to my boyfriend, who has excellent self control, I learned to treat my body right.


So the reward is that I happily got my period back on track, and I am feeling happy when I eat, not guilty. Yesterday after I got home, I dig the scone out from the freezer which I made last week, microwave it a bit, throw some jam on, and I am in business. Good staff. Hit the spot.

Then I found these awesome ice cream flavors. PMS flavored Ice cream! How good is that!

IMG_1153 IMG_1152

I think I have PMS. My punchline for the icecream would be: “Treat me right and buy me food”. Well I got agitated so easily on these days. Oh my poor boyfriend, I usually would throw it all out on him. I always think period is a time to treat your body right. Some ginger date tea, eight goodies porridge, hot cocoa. Bring them on. Many girls lost their period while losing weight so dramatically, I think it is your body crying for help. That’s a problem.


Then my friends sent me this picture. Oh my Korean BBQ, good staff that I haven’t been able to find in the states. Definitely putting those good staff in my body during my vacation back China this summer. My other friend who has been to Korean showed me pics with cheese put in a ring around the rim of the pan, so they starts to melt as you go. Oh MY! Love Love Love. And I am so gonna get Korean fried chicken. Yep!


Smoked Goudam, smoke not so overpowering and I like it that way. Keep your cheese refrigerated but let them warm up to room temp or your body temp with your hand before eating. Yep yep, it tastes like a cake, well I know it is bad analogy, I meant cheesecake OK?


Breakfast for my boyfriend, Naan bread with lettuce, smoked salmon spread and fried egg. Yes we had separate breakfasts coz I woke up so much earlier than him and I am usually so hungry that I had to eat right away.


My breakfast, I will be having my indulgent bread pudding for a week, coz I baked every weekend. Made some hot cocoa, Lactaid 0% which I happily found at Walmart, 1 tbsp of raw cocoa. Steamed broccoli, with salt n pepa, parmasan.


Last night, JB, my boyfriend, made this seaweed egg drop soup, I put naan in it. Got to get me some hot soup for my period! I mocked him that this is egg clumps rather than egg drops, trick is to swirl it as quickly as you can once you pour the whipped egg in.

Today’s question:

Do you have PMS? Do you go easy and treat yourself during your period?

I will keep asking questions of the day until someone answers me. hah.


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