Morning Glory


Favorite indulgence breakfast! Homemade sourdough bread pudding! Yes please! peanut butter and dark choco chips topping.


Got to finish that organic spring mix before they go bad! I always have my breakfast like king.


Big tree on campus while I ran my errands.


Got to replenish myself with some dark chocolate for morning snack!


Sweaty selfie! Tank top situation! 6 miles in 1h15s, how about this!! super excited about my workout recently. Keeps challenging myself, makes every workout seem like my last one before period. started with 5.7 for 2 miles, then 5.9 for the 3rd mile, 6.0 for the 4th mile, 6.2 then 6.5 for 5th mile, whatever I can manage for the last mile.


How about this dinner for 2?

Oh PS: I will get my new shoes soon! HOKA one one Conquest. B-day present from my boyfriend.


Doesn’t this look so cool! Will be using this for my long runs. My asics ones are both worn down. I guess I should really not walk in those shoes! They have a milage age. After reaching that, they will be done. Super excited about the new shoes!


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