Monday Funday


Beautiful lily. Beautiful day.


Me after 4 mile run. finished in 40’53”. Pretty good. might be a record. Today is a easy 3 mile run with a higher speed for the last mile. I did 5.7 for the first 3 miles, and increased to 6 until 3.5 miles, and then 6.5 for the last half. Feeling awesome.


Banana bread for breakfast, why not, because we can! Together with spring mix salad.


Didn’t finish the grapefruit and orange. Decent breakfast at 5:30AM.

Romance is your own creation of a time and space in normal life. I like this saying. Makes me think I can relax and enjoy myself every single moment. No matter how busy I am. Feeling good for the run, start to just enjoy the process. I used to hate running, cause I have been running for a while but still feel so terrible during the run, makes me wonder whether I have improved or not. Lately I have been on my summer mini cut, I can see the result, less fat on my arms, muscle more defined, due to my little switch on my diet– less meat. And I feel better during my runs. That’s what matters, right? I want to feel good after eating my food. I have been taking the running as a task, I have been using Nike+ for a marathon training. I haven’t signed up for any race, I just want to see myself able to do it. So far, so good. Sometimes I doubt myself, why do I do this to myself, 2h of straight running, why would anyone torture herself like that? Then there is the thought of losing my muscle after such intense cardio. There is also that your body will adapt to whatever intensity you are doing, so I should change up the plan with some weight sessions built in. But everytime, I told myself, I have decide on this, and I will finish this. I will be doing my marathon in 3 months. No secondguessing. Keep doing it. Let’s make that happen.

BTW, finally got my tax return done! Yay!!! Why do I always wait until last minute?

Today’s question:

When did you do your tax return?

Please leave comments below if you like my post, I am such a newbie and I would really like to see any support!


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