mouthwatering Chinese dishes


Tomato egg drop soup. My dad used to cook this all the time, together with egg pancakes. They are the best. I never managed to make as good egg pancakes. They are soft, fluffy, rich. According to my father, the simplest and most nutritious meal ever. According to my grandma, he is just too busy to make anything else. OK, so I don’t have the pictures for the pancakes but as I am describing them, I am definitely craving some. Got to master this art when I go back home. The eggdrop soup is so warming, cozy. And they are low cal high nutrition. I sometimes make this with dough drops, which is heaven. I love Hoooot food!


Noodles that my boyfriend makes, he is really a master at cutting staff, I never want to take the time to cut everything in such tiny pieces. The trick to making good noodles is that you want to boil the noodle and the veggies separately. And then you pour the veggie soup onto drained noodles. Perfect dinner. Noodles are my favourite.


Eight goodies porrige. Good for your period girl. Chinese date, red bean, black bean, white rice, purple rice, sticky rice, peanut, goji berries. Well I didn’t have goji berries in there, but to make it eight goodies, I have to don’t I.


Yet another favorite dish I mastered from my dad. Napa cabbage stew, which is a hallmark dish of northeast China. You have pork, frozen tofu, sweet potato noodle, and of course napa cabbage in there. Great for winter night. I said frozen tofu because we really do freeze the tofu first so that when you boil it in the stew, it actually becomes porous and suck all the liquid in. Be careful not to burn yourself eating too fast! Well I burn myself all the time. Secret ingredient is white pepper. I brought these white pepper powder that my father grinded using a pestle all the way here to the states. They are that good, they are from Hainan Province in China.

Well enough of the food talk, I need to prepare lunch now~


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