Buying food cures everything

woke up 4 in the morning, made me some simple breakfast. I got to have that red wine! I have been waiting for a week! Finally comes the time for indulgence! I so deserve this.


well red wine in starbucks bottle, why not~ Scones that don’t look as I want it, still so good as a treat in the morning, good with rasberry jam, oh yeah.


ran to lab to finish up some experiments, I sure did eat half a mango before I go, but quickly I was hungry, got to indulge baby, dark chocolate, godiva style.


Chinese style salad, so good! tons of goodies in there! Refreshing and filling! with good’o’noodles.


Went to Costco, tried Asiago for the first time with Ritz cracker, Oh my, Ritz cracker you rock, hands down favorite cracker. Of course Asiago rocks too!!! got some strawberry jam in between, oh so good. Got to have that Asiago sometime, it is a little big so I skipped it.


Dinner for two, not so shabby! Figured that I need hydration, so made egg drop soup. Got the tamale from Costco for the first time, quite decent, 300 Cal a piece. Sweet potato my favorite.

Everything is good after the haul at Costco, got coconut water, sparkling water, Oh I love me some good water! My boyfriend is the best! Made him coconut flour pancake in the morning, he likes it.


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