How records are to be broken

I am on the Nike training program for a marathon, I didn’t sign up for any race, just want to test my limits and know that I can beat up a marathon.

March has been glorious with 88.7 miles down. Proud of myself. I have been mindful and controlled about my eating, and trying to cut down on meat and have felt better on my runs. They are good for recoveries too. I didn’t have acid reflux once I started eating less meat.


Oh have I not tell you about this soul food buffet? Oh so good, all kinds of beans, all stews, all kinds of veggies. Heaven!Got this after a pole dance class, shin still hurts. Oh I need to pull myself together for another try of this awesomeness.

For the last 2 weeks of March I kept breaking my own record of 3 miles and 5 miles. I blame it on coffee. Ha dark chocolate covered coffee beans, you got me!


Boyfriend cooked this for me, I am super happy! He is so good at making noodles! That’s just what I need after a long day at work!


Best Banana Bread Ever, Recipe found, no need to change any more. Super moist, soft and rich.


Now I finally find my spot to hang out and zone out on a Saturday afternoon. I finally learn that I need to find my own ways to relax, alright!


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