Here I come! Summer chase the sun.

Hi Hi I am Zhuo born and raised in a town in China called Qiqihar. I am a biology PhD student living in Tallahassee Fl, I love eating and baking and running! I love to share my passion for food and running! I want to record my thoughts on my journey to a balanced and fulfilled life.


Yep this is me after a Saturday morning run, I had to finish up some experiments after the run which ends up in taking 5 hours and postponed my lunch to 2PM, which I totally couldn’t accept. Well I admit it leads to some sort of mental breakdown, I need my food! Hello?

What is a post without food pics, right?


Homemade sesame seed sourdough French toast, anyone? Hell yeah I accomplished my new year resolution of making sourdough bread after eating all my mistakes. Nothing is more satisfying than a French toast for Sunday morning.

Well I had to start somewhere since I decided at this point that I also want to start a blog for my new year resolution, not exactly a new year, but I will do it! I hope I could have friends on net who shares the same passion as me yay!


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