April Recap–2015 is getting more and more awesome.

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Ghirardelli 86% is no joke, I think I prefer anything less than 80%, not gonna try going over that in a while. I like dark choco as snacks in the morning. The one on the right is an Indian dessert, well you know about Indian dessert, they are usually very very sweet. This one is too, brought by an Indian friend back from a family reunion. It is made of coconut flour, cardamom, and sugar! I like this one though, the color is so appetizing and the cardamom scent is just so addictive! This does have a lot of oil in it too, as is evident after I wrapped it in a paper towel.


Waiting to be picked up for a big feast in Chinese Buffet! Oh I so deserve this! The easy 5 mile is somehow difficult for me coz it is an easy recovery run, I shouldn’t get my speed too fast, and without any intervals or higher speed to challenge myself, 55min seems quite a long time.

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I so like the Spring Wrap! Not really the staff we would put in a Spring Wrap, but still Oh So Good! Give me that full mouthful of delicioiusness! OMG! My grandma would usually have one dish wrapped in, but all my other family members would have all different dishes served to be wrapped up in one. My father is so keen on making wraps for others, and especially me. I am so keen on making huge wraps, the filling is almost falling out as I bite into it. This is the dish that I miss the most after I came to the states. We sometimes would eat out for the Spring Wrap, but most of the time, we make it at home. Home cooking is the best! And I have already mastered the art of making the bread from my father and aunt, both frying and steaming fashion.

Miso soup is must have in buffets, I don’t dig other soups that Chinese buffets serve that much.

Oh that Donut right there! Heaven Heaven! OMG that oily cinnamon sugar heaven! Everytime Everytime, so looking forward to it!

I have a much more controlled buffet discipline that I can use for my craving days. At least for now. I know that I am eating to fuel my runs. I am eating to feel good and replenish my body. With that mind setting, I am able to enjoy my YOLO life. Moderation not deprivation.

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Today morning didn’t feel like having the usual power green salad, so made some oatmeal porridge with banana, choco chips and pistachio together with a protein overdose full of super foods.

The lily sitting in the lunch area is making the day so live and bright.

So I ended up doing 105 miles in April, not bad! Big shout out to myself! I can feel that I am getting faster and stronger day by day. I am so glad that I decided on this marathon training. So far so good.

Plug in for my favorite comics, the oatmeal, it cracks me up so hard and it made me fall in love with running a little bit more. No not a little bit more, A Huge Leap forward More!

Apirl has been such great month, with the marathon training and learning about marathon training, I am truly glad and happy.


Just when you feel weak. A little angel comes to rescue and company your run


Beet juju, i am thinking of other ways to cook beet. I am a little over the raw juice thing now. Maybe because I added too much ginger. Just had a weird feeling in my stomach after this jar.


Sunday special for boyfriend. Sourdough left over come into use for those fluffy pancakes. and Strawberry overload!

IMG_1510 IMG_1511

This is called dough drop soup with tomato and egg drop. You see that it is kind of like egg drop soup except that it also has small pieces of dough in it! How awesome is that! I asked grandma to cook it for me all the time when I was young. Just so hearty and warm and comfort.


Went to a friend’s house as I was walking in the apartment complex. Got this crazy rich organic soy milk. She spent an hour to make this, after soaking soy bean for 5h, she strained them, boiled them, and the left over crumbs goes to another stir fry dish. Oh so good!! I need to do this too. I figured that low intensity cardio is better for fat burning, well I am never a fan of walking, I can run for hours but not so much walk. My mom is the same thing. She is not a good walker either. But I guess after I know the benefits, I would be doing more walking maybe also hiking.


This is what happens when I am too tired to cook after my run for dinner. Simple, quick, easy, Delish! You have to add sugar to it to make it extra yummy!!


Breakfast overload. I always have time to make my breakfast. I never skip a meal. The salad and yogurt bowl above literally takes around 5 min to put together. I never compensate for quality of my meals. Lots of veggies, enough protein, I need them to fuel my run.


This is me after a 7 mi run. 1 mi warm up and cool down, 5 miles of fartlek in between. I was proud of myself. Was not sure about my energy level and whether I can kill this workout until i get onto the treadmill. Surprise Surprise! Nailed it, with a faster speed of 5.9 most of the fartlek, I am happy with the time. 1h 13min 20s. Didn’t even push it at the cool down stage, still made my PR. Marathon training is beyond half, I am feeling good.

A good playlist sure does its job. Songs like “Till I collapse” totally gets you into the zone, I believe one of the reasons that I keep breaking records lately is highly related to the new songs I added, they matched my pace. For many of them I could stride on the beat throughout the song. Bonus!


Now for dinner, this stew I made using high pressure cooker. There sure is beef in it, I just didn’t have much in my bowl, I love those tender carrots!! Mildly sweet, and I drank all the soup from the stew. Heaven!!

These days I woke up very early, usually go to bed 10PM and woke up 4AM, I would eat breakfast, cook something up to bring for lunch, and then hop on to 7AM school bus. Early morning is glorious. I feel productive. Maybe sometime in the future I will switch my run in mornings.


25 years living on the planet. I am feeling good about myself.

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25 years old officially.


emotional marriage proposal. Not to me though.

IMG_1429 IMG_1432 IMG_1433

Cold Stone icecream cake. Dark Chocolate. Scrumptious.

IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1465

Have moved my Saturday 11 miler to Friday, because of the unforseeable nature of Florida weather. I’d rather run while I can rather than risking being caught in a rain and ruining my long run. Starbucks double shot skinny mocha, not a fan.

Currently reading this awesome book. Knowledge is power. Carboloaded on Thursday with porridge and cake, Learned my lesson to refuel with high GI juice immediately after my 11-mile long run. 5.4mi/h for the most part, last 3.5 mi using 5.5mi/h. And feeling good on Saturday 5 mile recovery run.

IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471

Refuel after lunch, super hungry after looking at the microscope for 2.5h. Ate the bagel like a tiger, and feeling no shame about it. Look at the blackberries in our yard! Another round of refuel with yogurt, protein powder, chia seed, hemp seed, cacao nibs and PB.

IMG_1473  IMG_1483 IMG_1493

After Saturday 5 mile recovery run. Might have overdone it a little bit. Tiny bit of rain at the beginning.

IMG_1495 IMG_1499\

Chinese salad, broiled salmon steak. Oh Soooo Good!!

PS: JB is such sweetheart. wants me to wear dress for my birthday celebration.


OK all my iphone pics are food food food!


Tiny octopus in the front, spot that? Was at a Chinese buffet supporting my friend who is working as a waitress there. Took the beet and I like the crab meat, and of course the donut! I mean, I could say that I run to eat more, but really recently it has been I eat to fuel my run.


Chocolate oreo after nap at friends’ house. Everyone prefers the cookie than the filling, what’s wrong with the filling?!


Hot oil smothered noodles. Ha! JB is genius at making noodles, first attempt, scored!!


Was trying to make some matcha spread, found out that my cream has gone bad, so instead I made matche latte, very strong. Very yummy.


Bought salmon steak for the first time, awesome! I love me that crispy skin!


Spotted this cookie chip at Target, sounds like heaven to me!


BJ’s brewhouse to celebrate my birthday. Love the environment, we didn’t finish the fries, and I find the shrimp scampi too greasy for me. It’s weird why you still like the restaurant when you didn’t even finish their food.


Avocado smoothie for breakfast. Awesome! Got to buy more avocado from the Indian store. Heaven.


5 bucks for 5 bars, what a deal!! Yes please Target.


Feeling a little rough on Monday, not sure what. proctored an exam and feeling exhausted. When clock ticks to 4:30PM and I finished my experiments, i am feeling real hungry, so I finally decided to drink the Frappe that has been lying around for 2,3 weeks. I have chilled them in fridge. It was nice and cold. I don’t think I taste any coffee though. Ha. But: foodnote: not a good choice for before run fuel. I was burping frappe during my run. No Thanks.


Eggplant silken tofy stew with soy bean paste. It was awesome.


#Friday Funday #killed that 10 miler # Did I really treat myself after my long run?# Do you like Quest bars? Starbucks?


Yep I decided on my daily dose of dark chocolate, so I could be buying them every grocery shopping. Yay for chocolate!


Since my decision to eat more veggies to fuel my runs, this is what a quick lunch would look like.


I was going to present my work in lab meeting today, didn’t finish up the powerpoint last night before my cross training. I decided I would come early in the morning to finish, I had planned to walk to school but as I was walking I saw the school bus! I never thought they have this early shift! Hopped on in. Feeling good.


Got a small iced coffee at DD, just to try it, I am not really a coffee drinker except that I started eating dark chocolate espresso beans before my runs. I just heard some real good words for DD iced coffee, so I decided to try this before my long run today. 2.78 bucks! Say what?! I couldn’t get it. It is just a cup of coffee! How much do you need to spend on a whole bag of ground coffee. I started off easy with my coffee tasting journey from DD, not Starbucks thinking DD might be cheaper, well, they just wowed me. Plus the owner is kind of rude when he is talking to an employee on the phone. Well, I say, it is more like coffee flavored water? Just ignore me, I grew up with instant coffee OK?

But, there is a big but here. After jugging this whole thing down, I was like HIGH. SO energetic, I could even feel my hands shake tiny bit. Well there you go, perfect priming for my presentation.


Randomly picked up tubes and then it perfectly fit the 32 wells! Scored! I decided to put on round stickers instead of directly writing on the tube, coz then it is made with LOVE.


Got my weekly bagel from lab meeting, the oven at the bagel shop broke so this is left over from yesterday. Boo! HARD AS ROCK. I was thinking i need the carbs for my run, so whatever. Got me some jalepeno cream cheese on it.


When I finished every thing up it is already 1:40PM. I decided I will do the long run first and then have my “lunch”. Had 2 cans of peaches, a salted caramel GU 15min before the run then strawberry banana flavor GU 45min into the run when I really feel the hunger, then another vanilla bean one 45min after. I told myself not to go too fast, so I did 5.4 for speed the whole time. I was keeping great form, SO PROUD of myself. Totally thought of making it to a half marathon, but then I decided, let’s not overdo it. 10 miler it is.

Today, I feel so good. Ever since I discovered that I can run faster, I find every run challenging and fun. I ENJOY the run so much! Endorphin flying. I am determined to become a runner. And I am just starting the journey.

IMG_1313 IMG_1315 IMG_1317

Now I list everything I have eaten after the run, broccoli and carrots and rice in lunch box, Banana, 2 cups or more chilled coconut water, berry smoothie(with all that bubbles going on, 2 cups maybe). Did Rest, Ice my joints, compression on my calf,elevate my legs. RICE.


And dinner has to be served, my fav fav: noodles.


This is Saturday morning, didn’t have any power green left, so I had to be simple and rude.

I feel like, I really need to do something special to treat myself after long runs, I guess except for the really yummy coconut water, I am just doing my thing, chilling and eating my usual staff. I got to think… think….

And what about birthday present for myself! What happened to you girl? It must be messed up if you don’t feel like buying anything. Hello?

So I have been watching a lot of youtube fit people’s channels, and blog posts. Then I learned that many of them are sponsored, which means they buy the brands’ products at lower price and they got to try all sorts of good staff. Who doesn’t want that! Then I was thinking, things like Starbucks coffee, Quest Bars, I always have mixed feelings. It just seems like Starbucks is just so fancy and anyone holding a Starbucks mug or cup is getting fancy too. I have bought their Frappe once or twice, it is the sugar that makes them so tasty. And since I am such a foodie who also enjoys cooking and baking and making my own food, the instinct is that I can make it myself. Why would I want to spend 5,6 bucks on something I can make from maybe less than 50 cents? But truth is, eating habbits have their social nature that you just want to eat whatever everyone else is eating. Especially the people that you look up to. You think Starbucks is going to make you fancy too. Honestly that’s the reason I bought DD coffee this morning. Coz one blogger that I like, she loves DD iced coffee.

Material world. I just found out the song Wing$ by Macklemore yesterday, such coincidence. Loved the song.

For Quest Bars, I never had one. Whenever I find myself in front of bars that have good packaging and tempting to buy, I ended up deciding not to. They are Bars, they are made by machines, why not eat real food. Go get some banana and nuts if you have the money. But then I was going on Amazon, checking on Vitaminshoppe and everywhere to see their prices, but then again decided not to buy because of the same reason. Does this make me a struggling minimalist?

It is just that the marketing people at the company is doing such great job that people are eating them all over the place, promoting their products. I see it so much that it becomes real tempting to buy.

Then I think, the vlogs that people do, that channels that I subscribe, I admire these people, for their figure,for their personality, for their life full of highend product and free staff. It made me want to copy them, what they are eating, what they are doing, what they are buying, thinking it will make me happy too. Truth is, I am a saving kind of person, I don’t have that much money to spend on things I even doubt I will like. (Quest bars).

Happiness comes from within. I am down for a coffee tasting, donut tasting, energy bars tasting and fun activities like that, it will be good bonding time when I think about it. But it will recreational, not a routine.

I think now that I have written a full blog about this materialism, I got my thougts straight, well not so much but a bit more. Bottom line: don’t get blinded by the society to “Just do it”. I am even thinking of the word: anti-Starbucks, anti-Quest bars. Have some moral standards at heart and be casual about buying myself treats from time to time.

I have zero idea how this happy long run blog turns so serious. Anyway feeling good, happy that I pushed myself to crosstraining on Thursday, I have perfect excuse that I can rest for my Friday long run. But I went and killed my upper body. Keep pushing, Dig deeper!


Pile on the miles girl–Week 12 Ramp up to 30 miles


Tasting sauerkraut that we make in Microbiology lab! I like them. Kids tend to be intimidated by the fact that they are made in the lab.



So I learned that Beet juice are great for your circulation, immune system and basically awesome for runners. And it is best eaten raw. So I made some beet juice, I intended to drink the whole thing, but the fiber in there is just making it impossible. So I strained the fibers and then enjoyed a perfect cup of blood. Oh I also added ginger to give it a kick and knock out that dirt flavor.

IMG_1284 IMG_1285

Was little unsure about Monday run, coz I was doing pole dance and a 5k during the weekend, I am super sore. I know that it is not that I am finding excuses, but still I convinced myself that I really want to stick to the marathon training as much as I can. SO I went out and scored big! In super condition once I started running.

This Mizuno red kick is my favorite right now. I bought them because they are super cute, but it turned out to also be an awesome running shoe for cushioning. Accidentally High end huh~ They are not soft as Ascis gels, but still offers excellent cushioning, how does that even happen. I love these shoes. I will try not to walk in them, they have milages.

IMG_1288 IMG_1291

Fuel with papaya after run. The chocolate is 70% Godiva that I decide I can eat a square every day. Because we can!

IMG_1294 IMG_1297

Tuesday 7 mile run is a killer, 1 mi warm up, 5 mi fartlek with 3min higher speed and 2min slower speed, 1 mi cool down. I finished 1h 15min. Simple awesomeness. After the warm up I changed to my favorite treadmill that I always break my PR on. Around mi3-5 is tired, then the last 2 miles for fartlek I am back in the game! Wednesday 4 mile run. I hate rainy weather. Hate Hate Hate!

Whipped up the protein yogurt, with greek yogurt, protein powder, chia seed, Peanut butter.Oh I can’t get enough of that Peanut butter goodness.

I might have to switch the 10 mi long run to Friday, because of the whimsy weather!!! Ugh!


perioded PR–NTN 5k recap

Went to a pole dance party on Saturday, super fun, super hurt, bruises all over the place, tried the climb for the first time, could manage 2 climbs, Thigh and top of feet still hurts.


Went for the Nautilus to Nucleus 5k on Sunday morning. Woke up at 5, baked some carrot cake muffins, send them to friends and walked to site. It was tiny bit rainy. I started off too fast, and there are quite a few uphill runs which made me suffer the whole course. Not much experience in races and haven’t studies the route. Came up as 4th in girls, I know that coz the lady before me comes out as third place. Maybe next year I can start shooting for the medals. Got my personal PR, 28:50 on a period. Couldn’t ask for more. I was shooting for anything less than 30min.

Super fun, coz I was really pushing it!


Had fried noodles for lunch. Oh so good. Noodles are my best buddies.


Made chinese steam buns, also water fried buns, with pork, shiitake mushrooms, Napa cabbage. Not as good as I want them, but JB ate 4 of them for dinner, and that says something.